Zingi - a new language and communication format.

Zingi offers Internet users an entertaining way to spend their time, together creating a convenient language with all the means of conveying thoughts and emotions. The language of meanings, symbols, images and associations. Zingi is the creation of a language in the process of communication in a natural way.

The idea is not to make a primitive language, but to get on a whole new level in the development of communications and in the formation of a comfortable environment. Create a language in which everyone will easily be able to formulate and express their thoughts. A language that will facilitate the thought process, improve information transfer and technology management.

Zingi offers not only to communicate, but also to create. The most important idea of ​​the project is joint creativity, in which the birth of the new is realized through the joint efforts of many individuals. This is an excellent chance for everyone to contribute to the positive improvement of the world around them.

Creating a completely new direction in the development of technology and design, Zingi offers users to form a public demand for the production of goods with new forms, solutions, and materials. Zingi is a new, interesting design of household appliances, stylized to resemble wildlife objects and household items. Zingi is fashionable clothing for pipes and engineering infrastructures.

Zingi is a portal for all people who want to make the surrounding space more reasonable, convenient and bright.

Zingi - project to create a user-friendly interface for global information exchange.

To add words, rules in the Zingi language, images, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.