Zinkod is modern information and positive solutions.

Zinkod offers Internet users to create a modern language and bright solutions together while spending their time with interest and utility. Beautiful language of mean ings, symbols, images, associations and means of transmitting thoughts and information. Zinkod is the creation of a language in the process of communication in a natural way.

The idea is not to make a primitive language, but to get on a whole new level in the development of communications and in the formation of a comfortable environment. Create a language in which everyone will easily be able to formulate and express their thoughts. A language that will facilitate the thought process, improve information transfer and technology management.

Zinkod offers not only to communicate, but also to create. The most important idea of ​​the project is joint creativity, in which the birth of the new is realized through the joint efforts of many individuals. This is an excellent chance for everyone to contribute to the positive improvement of the world around them.

Creating a completely new direction in the development of technology and design, Zinkod offers users to form a public demand for the production of goods with new forms, solutions, and materials. Zinkod-Technopositive is a new, interesting design of household appliances, stylized to resemble wildlife objects and household items, it is a fashionable clothing for engineering infrastructures. Zinkod-Technovitamin is a beautiful and convenient information.

Zinkod is a portal for all people who want to make the surrounding space more reasonable, convenient and bright.

Zinkod - project to create a user-friendly interface for global information exchange, goods and services.

Zinkod - a new language and communication format.

While not disputing the originality and beauty of all the languages of the world, there is a need and has the technical ability to create by Internet users a simple, beautiful and at the same time understandable language of interethnic communication. Language "Zinkod."

Never before has there been attempts to create a language from scratch. Without reference to specific languages, language groups, with the physiological characteristics of different nations, with the ability to take in different languages most convenient forms of sentence structure, the transfer time of action, masculine and feminine, plural, etc. Significantly reduce and facilitate the pronunciation of common and necessary words and terms. Solve the problem of constructing a common language, through extensive discussion and a joint creation, the use of modern tools and technologies. Selection of User is the foundation and source of the best result.

It was demonstrated that about 70% of the information a person receives through the visual channel. Non-verbal form of self-expression is one the most important condition for effective communication, and creation of a common language. Fill the words of a common language with different associations, emotions and beauty.

Add graphic display facilities and non-verbal means of communication. Let us unite all people, regardless of ability to express thoughts by voice.

Writing words and texts can be based on a combination of alphabetic words and the sounds of its visual image. The combination of ways to convey meaning will make the text concise, but informative.

One of the basic elements of language Zinkod is easy alphabet. The letter and its transcription is the same, regardless of the location in the word. All letters are read, no exceptions.

With the same sound and letter writing the words in Zinkod, easy to remember and read

People not only speak different languages, and even think. Express their thoughts with the characteristic stamp of his native language. All languages are different structure design ideas, the internal logic of constructing sentences, the number of times, or not using suffixes, endings, conjugations and more. Let us together create a common ground on which we all can easy formulate and express ideas. Language that would facilitate the thought process.

Words and some rules from Zinkod will be borrowed by other languages of the world, making them even more versatile.

Let's write a new tale:

"To develop and educate humanity, made mistakes, but has learned not to repeat. People began to build a world in which the people who speak different languages, they honor their traditions and unite in an effort to make the world more harmonious. Together for the to create language from a variety of donated languages and knowledge. Use the individuality of each person, his projection of beauty. Ease of use of the elements of Thai, Chinese logic, charm the French, the German definition, musicality English, Russian imagery, cheerfulness Portuguese, etc. And people have created a world in which every language in high esteem but there is language of kindness understandable to all.

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