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Word fashion for the engineering infrastructure (English)
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Zinline fashion for the engineering infrastructure.

Engineering infrastructure is far from beautifying the environment. On the contrary, most of the various pipes and communications ruin the landscape and the internal space of buildings.

So what can be done? Designers can come to the aid of engineers. Pipes, electrical cables and other technical objects can easily change their appearance with the help of special decorative masking elements and linings.
It's no secret that modern high-tech materials are very durable, environmentally friendly and wear-resistant. These can be used to produce coatings of any shape for all types of technical installations and communications. With their help, we can not only hide unattractive wires, poles and supports, but also create real objects of art, inserted harmoniously among the surrounding buildings.
Of course, decorative coatings and lining can be made in a variety of colors and textures, which can be selected based on the nature of the existing space.
Perhaps the decorative coatings can be manufactured using the modular principle, which will allow creating a wide variety of combinations of linings from standard elements.
The use of decorative elements Zinline, designed to hide some of the less aesthetic details of streets and buildings, would allow to create a sort of fashionable 'clothing' for any engineering infrastructure. This would mean radically changing the appearance of settlements and dwellings, giving them more positive and cheerful looks.
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