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A rule Zingi - there are interesting topics for all age groups. Seniors can share their knowledge and wisdom. Transfer valuable knowledge about the traditions, folk rituals. Each person can give the world a piece of his experience, talk about folk medicinal and culinary recipes, exercise, spiritual practices. Many people have a sense of humor, a natural wit, multiplied by the practice.

Children are interesting topics with the mysteries, puzzles, interactive games. It is the children who grew up to the sound of clicks mice and mobile phone calls are not afraid of technology, see it as something natural. Along with this, there is a need for communication and the current level of IT technology, making it easy to navigate in the world of Zingi, learn the language of international communication.

Youth is creative, open to new ideas, naturally takes skill to use modern means of communication.

Should form public demands for the form and content of information resources.

Building together a comfortable, beautiful interface. Offer, create new rules, functions, labels.

The concept of the resource is initially based on the principles of interactivity. Hidden mysteries, code points, on the basis of which will be contests, quizzes and prize draws.

We are all different, with their own views, their own opinion, but this does not prevent us to unite. We tried to take into account the opinions of every member of the creative team. Believe me, it's interesting to jointly solve tasks, members of different generations. And as a result, offer a broad discussion of their ideas to improve the world.

Our contemporaries Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Allen Carr and others, demonstrate how you can actually improve the world of ideas. Proving the usefulness of their ideas, put them into practical results. Not everyone managed to implement their suggestions and interesting techniques to attract public interest. Now there is a resource that allows you to submit to a broad discussion of your suggestions for improving the world.

The integration of various instruments and devices, to minimize duplication of functions of various components of vehicles. As a consequence, more compact size, reduced material consumption, cost and energy intensive snizzhenie. Example - refrigerator, computer and other devices.

Manufacturers try to surprise the consumer is not new design projects, can cause joy, smile, tenderness, and compete in the increasing complexity of devices in the approaches to the implementation of a process. Must radically new trend in the development of engineering and technology. Change attitudes, the process of creating everyday objects for practical use, and means of communication. Modern technology, construction materials allows you to create new forms of devices, make them colorful and multifunctional with accessible controls and connections.

Zingi – create together an understandable language and format of communication.
It is estimated that for reading texts and newspapers quite 1,500 words and to read books you usually need to know up to 3000 words. The most common words in everyday speech are even less numerous. For example, there are methods of studying spoken English through selected by computer 135 words, which cover nearly 50% of all non-special text of any complexity.
In a simple and convenient language Zingi there is no need for complex rules of pronunciation and accents. The words of a small number of sounds convenient to combine. For example, the general rule is the emphasis on the first syllable.
For example, the general rule is the emphasis on the first syllable. Exceptions are possible if simplify the transfer value, emotional color, signs or other transfer options. Maybe change part of speech accents from a noun to a verb or an adjective.

There is no another approach to the problem with accents and rules of accents. Emphasis is placed wherever is convenient for pronunciation. No homographs in any language.

Words and names from other languages, the terms are homonyms identical sounding words on Zingi can be enclosed in brackets (), released the arrow <>, and many other options.The pronunciation of the words in Zingi can define a sound, syllable, word, transmitting them as belonging to a different language, and you can keep the same pronunciation and determine the value of the meaning.

Many people remember colors of the spectrum by means of the mnemonic phrases: "Every hunter wants to know where the Pheasant is" or "A cat for a donkey, giraffe, young hare has stitched blue jerseys." Color names can be determined by reduction and transformation into a convenient form of pronunciation initial sounds of words known mnemonic phrases and those that can still be invented.

Selected symbols and gestures can be based on associative series. Memorizing words using mnemonic associations.

You can define different semantic groups with the same words and symbols, and determine the value within the meaning of the text. Example. The colors are shown in the form of geometric shapes. Sound designation may, by analogy with the bill, adding or editing sounds.

Speak, write, otherwise express their feelings and emotions. Attend to, give a piece of warm-heartedness. Do not leave it for the future, say while you have the chance.
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