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Zingi – portal for positive communication and creation.
Based on the idea of uniting people on the basis of equal rights of all participants, you can create a useful language and format of communication, to form a common positive trend in the development of mankind. There is the possibility of creating a new users interface for the global exchange of information, debate and dialogue on the issues of building a harmonious society. Society of the twenty-first and subsequent centuries. Society whose core values not so much the consumption and the success of many economic, ecological, creative and spiritual guidance.
Zingi allows Internet users to formulate public demand for the products, services, solutions, news and many other requests. The practical application of the resource is possible for any number of users. Producers in real-time can assess the relevance of the proposed ideas and options are reacting to users.
The creation of a convenient form of simplification of the information will allow you to implement the ability to transfer large amounts of information simple symbols. Users will choose the most interesting and simple icons-emoticons that will be a convenient and beautiful addition to texts, messages, messages. Short convenient notation and pictograms to denote words, definitions, texts and instructions.
Existing algorithms translations of the texts are based on a comparison with previously entered texts. With the increase in the network the number of auto-texts, reference books, advertising, the quality of the texts is reduced. The binding of words from different languages to a universal language, when using the selection mechanism users the best options and the most frequent words, will create the translation algorithm a completely different level.
Zingi – futuristic theory or nearest possible interesting future? The answer is in our hands.
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Date 06.03.2013 11:34
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