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Let's append the history of the "Tower of Babel" and the confusion of tongues:
"To develop and educate humanity, made mistakes, but has learned not to repeat. People began to build a world in which not only the center of Babylon and the people who speak different languages, they honor their traditions and unite in an effort to make the world more harmonious. Together for the building up, and not to challenge God. He showed God (goodness and love, reason and truth, light and beauty, in the representation of people of different faiths and ideologies) that he gave people the opportunity to be in the matter of language gods. And people have not taken advantage and instead of using the knowledge for good, were separated. And it took several thousand years, until people unyali his pride and understand the idea of the creator. The gift was the ability to create language from a variety of donated languages and knowledge. Use the individuality of each person, his projection of beauty. Ease of use of the elements of Thai, Chinese logic, charm the French, the German definition, musicality English, Russian imagery, cheerfulness Portuguese, etc. Language understood by all the good it would be best that has been mixed. And people have created a world in which every language in high esteem but there is language of kindness understandable to all.
The era of separation should serve as a lesson for future generations."
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