Zingi - новый межнациональный язык

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A story about the possibilities of a platform for the worldwide exchange of information and the resolution of interesting problems. Where each user, in his native language, can participate in creating a new language from scratch. A language with simple rules and a variety of ways to transfer information. Sounds used in most languages. Russian letters, Latin symbols and brackets. One letter is one sound. Short, convenient words. Descriptions, images, photos, pictograms, symbols, signs, emojis, gestures, dactyl alphabet, audio, and in the future video and even holograms, and other possibilities of future technology.

All these methods will help in creating:

- a language that uses all available means of conveying thought and emotion;

- a language for all people, regardless of the ability to express thoughts in a voice;

- a language in which it is easy for everyone to formulate and express thoughts;

- a language that will facilitate the thought process;

Publications will contain graphics and photos, sound variations, entertaining and well-known associations, interesting texts, messages, poetic forms, descriptions of customs and traditions, current news, and many more sources that are close to people from around the world. Communicating, users will break down stereotypes and build up a positive attitude.

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Дата 14.08.2016