Zingi is an open book, in which everyone can make his own chapter.

Zingi - portal for positive communication and creation.

Zingi worldview based on equal rights, regardless of their racial prejudices, of individual political views and religious beliefs.

Zingi can actively participate in the construction of the new united world, a world of goodness and beauty.

Zingi basic principles:
  • creative approach to the implementation of the ideas;
  • the entire spectrum of opinions and interests;
  • respect and reverence for the traditions of the ancestors;
  • love and pride for their country;
  • help and mutual aid.
Main tasks:
  • minimizing the negative impacts of human activities on nature;
  • formation of ethnic, language availability of communication and shared values based on unity, equality, and the desire to make the world a safer and more beautiful.
  • development of technologies, communications, equipment, consumer goods, demanded by society;
  • creation of products and services to improve the lives and shaping a positive mood;
  • targeted assistance.

Ultimate goal - the harmonization of human relations and human relations with nature.

Unlike many existing resources Zingi created on the idea of joint efforts to improve the world. World without borders, language barriers, borders of individual groups, where all people art friends.

Created a new opportunity to realize their creative potential, to participate in the creation of a new format of communication. The resource allows you to present on a broad discussion of your suggestions for improving the world.

We offer a practical embodiment of the interesting, relevant ideas supported by appropriate resource.

We propose to build. We offer to debate, respecting the interlocutors.

Let's make the world more diverse, unite the efforts of the international community, based on new communication tools and technologies.

Offer ideas and do not be afraid to get cliché "utopia." The main thing that they are based were laid desire to make the world better. Even if your ideas and find wide application, their discussion is sure to help in making the right decision.

Very necessary and skeptics opinions, as there is the need to prove the consistency of ideas or points of view. We are all different, but together we are strong.

A new opportunity to realize their creative potential.

We propose to generate new, beautiful, popular products. How can decorate their surroundings products created to give pleasure. Household appliances, stylized living objects or household items. New, interesting decorative elements that can turn unsightly infrastructure in interior decoration or landscape. Poles, gas lines, water lines, electric cables, can be magically transformed decorated plates and decorative ribbon Zingi. Decorating can be used not only for aesthetic purposes, but also to protect structures from the elements.

With the development of engineering and materials has become possible to produce goods and services that go beyond the traditionally used forms and solutions.

Instruments and devices decrease in size, while improving and expanding the features and capabilities. In this regard, the role of Zingi as a convenient means of communication, typing, convenient commands for equipment, identifiable and easily readable.

Zingi - from the goal to implement. Humanity must set ambitious targets for harmonization of life on Earth and space exploration. We must love and protect your home - planet Earth. But totally dependent on potential natural disasters can not. We should strive to settle other planets and solar systems that will ensure the preservation of the Human race. Global inclusion of all people in the exchange of ideas and information.

Construction of transport routes between the regions, parts of the world, continents, will accelerate the exchange of information, capital, energy, commodities, increase the mobility of the population. The implementation of global projects will develop a convenient and intuitive investment vehicles cooperation creativity and create new environmental guidelines. These projects and the opportunities provided by international language, can be a reliable basis for a sustainable world economy.

Present seem fantastic ideas and dreams may soon be part of everyday life. And is perceived as quite natural.

Thousand year old tradition and experience of our ancestors contain moral values that should not be washed in the vast sea of information. Our ancestors paid a huge price for their mistakes, but they gave the descendants of the knowledge that they are not allowed. The last world war cost tens of millions of lives, invaded the lives of hundreds of millions. We must learn the lesson and creating a society in which "the World War II" will invariably be called "the last World War." Global mobilization of the global economy is possible without wars.

To add words, rules in the Zingi language, images, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.

Zingi language Expand

While not disputing the originality and beauty of all the languages of the world, there is a need and has the technical ability to create by Internet users a simple, beautiful and at the same time understandable language of interethnic communication. Language "Zingi."

The question of the origin of language is one of the most interesting and mysterious. In different cultures and scientific approaches, there are many options. Acquired or granted to the most important of all abilities that distinguish man from the animals - the ability to articulate speech, the subject of an interesting discussion, but the main thing is the ability to communicate. One of the main human needs - the need to communicate. But how to overcome the language barrier, the answer is to create a convenient language of international communication.
Never before has there been attempts to create a language from scratch. Without reference to specific languages, language groups, with the physiological characteristics of different nations, with the ability to take in different languages most convenient forms of sentence structure, the transfer time of action, masculine and feminine, plural, etc. Significantly reduce and facilitate the pronunciation of common and necessary words and terms. Solve the problem of constructing a common language, through extensive discussion and a joint creation, the use of modern tools and technologies. Selection of User is the foundation and source of the best result.

Someone once described the object, event, feeling, etc., with a certain set of sounds. Given the many factors formed the modern word. In different languages, different names, and the meaning of one. However, many of the modem are not easy to pronounce.

Take the most comfortable in the pronunciation of syllables, words from a small number of sounds and call them the most popular words, meaningful groups, themes.

It was demonstrated that about 70% of the information a person receives through the visual channel. Non-verbal form of self-expression is one the most important condition for effective communication, and creation of a common language. Fill the words of a common language with different associations, emotions and beauty.

Add graphic display facilities and non-verbal means of communication. Let us unite all people, regardless of ability to express thoughts by voice.

Many world fame words may be taken from different languages, while maintaining their sound and writing. Reductions of the words can be made by removing uncomfortable in pronouncing the sounds. Invent them or take existing graphics. Graphic representation of the word can convey actual product described by the object or its icon.

Writing words and texts can be based on a combination of alphabetic words and the sounds of its visual image. The combination of ways to convey meaning will make the text concise, but informative.

One of the basic elements of language Zingi is easy alphabet.

With the same sound and letter writing the words in Zingi, easy to remember and read. The proposed variant of the Zingi alphabet is convenient because the spelling of all the necessary sound is recognizable, common letters of the English alphabet, and there is a real possibility of typing on most existing computers and devices. In addition, the alphabet transfers substantially all of the sounds encountered in most of the languages of the world. The letter and its transcription is the same, regardless of the location in the word. All letters are read, no exceptions.

Sound izobrazhaemy letter of the Russian alphabet Ё [ ə: ] will be displayed as -- )о;Ю [ ju: ] will be displayed as - )u.,

Remember the sounds and letters easily. The proposed variants of pronunciation of alphabet letters do not represent even a small part of the possible convenient or beautiful variations.

Maybe the creative team come up with interesting combinations of sounds, transmitting the alphabet. Musical version, recitative, patter, poem, etc. We can consider the options for the location of words in the alphabet for ease of pronunciation.

In a simple and convenient language Zingi there is no need for complex rules of pronunciation and accents. The words of a small number of sounds convenient to combine. The main thing that a few, easy rules will make it easy to pronounce the words, reduce the number required for full communion words.

Icons of words can be added to a word as emoticons (smileys). Using different ways to convey emotion, existing or invented emoticons icon Zingi, their combination, the location, everything can paint a common language.
Modern technology in the difficulty in translating alphabetic spelling gives an opportunity to demonstrate pictures and the image icon.
Description of the language is purposefully done with a minimum of terms, definitions used in linguistics. Number of rules, special notation needed to describe the existing languages is much higher than required for full communion vocabulary Zingi.

Remember a certain number of words is easy, but there is a language has a huge number of rules for transmitting and recording sounds, sentence structure, transfer time, practice, conjugations, etc. In all languages rules and methods are different. Without the knowledge or errors in the application of terms and conditions, can completely change the meaning of the utterance.

Zingi will implement the knowledge gained academic linguistic science to applied field. The call and the call to this community. Linguists all over the world: you can solve the problem of creating the best methodology for the common language. Formulate the most simple rules for constructing sentences, transfer characteristics. Participate in the selection of sounds, easy to pronounce for most of the world's population. On the other hand, Zingi will attract public interest in linguistics.

The main feature of Zingi is the ability to simplify language, apply the theoretical knowledge and practical at the same time at their approbation.

Numbers, days of the week and of the month and many other groups and conceptual rows will be easily recognizable and pronounced in Zingi. For example, the sound of numbers of two sounds, consonant and vowel. Consonant sound is different for each figure, the vowel may be one: ba, va, ga, da, za, ka, la, ma, na, pa, sa, ta, that are convenient for the majority of the population of pronunciation sounds. Easy to remember, can create interesting and simple combinations. For instance, twelve - "Bava", four hundred sixty eight - "dakama."

Days of the week may sound like the appropriate order number, with the addition of one or different consonants. Monday - "bam", Tuesday - "gam." Or the notes «do», «re», «mi», «fa», «sol», «la», «si». Or by changing the vowel.

Month is designated by analogy with the bill, changing a vowel. January - "bi", February - "Vi", December - "Bibi" ("Biba" one month to January), November - "bivi" ("Biva" maens two months to January).

The options are many, the main thing to choose a convenient, understandable and interesting. What is the scope for creativity, to apply their knowledge.

Icons numbers, along with the traditionally used figures are also images of flowers. Imagine how beautiful will look recorded on Singi dates, phone numbers, addresses, codes, etc. will come up with classes of numbers lightweight titles and icons. Have the ability to record one trillion figure, depicting a flower. You can come up with a handy numeric digits.

Zingi is one of the tools for building a just society based on the ideas of equality, brotherhood and creative potential of people around the world. Each country, region, ethnic group, team or one individual is unique. Everyone can do something original of the ornaments, symbols, signs, folk wisdom and observations. Acculturation, moral values, languages, understandable to all images and associations will be the basis of building a harmonious society.

People not only speak different languages, and even think. Express their thoughts with the characteristic stamp of his native language. All languages are different structure design ideas, the internal logic of constructing sentences, the number of times, or not using suffixes, endings, conjugations and more. Let us together create a common ground on which we all can easy formulate and express ideas. Language that would facilitate the thought process.

How many people share an interest to the beautiful, mysterious worlds created by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Stephen King, John Tolkien, JK Rowling and many authors in various literary styles. Each community admirers of the favorite authors has the opportunity to bring to the international language of Zingi terms, concepts, names, the sounds of specific words and other symbols.

Fill the real world with elements of your fictional and reality will change. Who rejects such esoteric system of concrete actions to help paint the existing world.

Think of a rule, the hallmark of the word, symbol, sound. Give or dedicate Zingi to loved ones, relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues.

Contemporary music styles and rap fans, Iron-bi, Hip-Hop, classic and contemporary dance styles fans will bring to the language Zingi beautiful content, imagery and relevance. Count the number of words in the popular and beloved by many songs, recitatives - the minimum required for the transmission of feelings and emotions. Minimum of words painted and illustrated stories and worlds have affected the hearts of people from different countries.

Zingi really allows to transfer by music, the beat, gestures, dance meaning of a literary text, аacilitate communication and make it more interesting.

Graffiti, contemporary musical trends, the language on the Internet confirm the need of Zingi and the fact that this language is alive, covered and painted.

Let's write a new tale: "To develop and educate humanity, made mistakes, but has learned not to repeat. People began to build a world in which the people who speak different languages, they honor their traditions and unite in an effort to make the world more harmonious. Together for the to create language from a variety of donated languages and knowledge. Use the individuality of each person, his projection of beauty. Ease of use of the elements of Thai, Chinese logic, charm the French, the German definition, musicality English, Russian imagery, cheerfulness Portuguese, etc. And people have created a world in which every language in high esteem but there is language of kindness understandable to all.